Sliding Door Wardrobes

A modern storage solution with sliding-door wardrobes

If you’re looking for a modern solution to bedroom storage, then sliding-door wardrobes are your answer. New-generation technologies and clever internal designs mean these are not the awkward sliding-door wardrobes you remember from childhood. Read on to find out why.


As much as the panels, the frames of a sliding-door wardrobe are a chance to add an extra style touch.

Our sliding-door frames come in a wide range of anodised or fashionable powder-coated finishes with matching infill buffers.

We opt for large 41mm diameter rollers because of their quiet operation. Meanwhile, modern track designs mean the days of rollers skipping out of line are well and truly over.


Our practical and stylish sliding-door wardrobes are available in a wide range of panel colours, finishes and materials to suit just about every style and budget, including:

  • Mirror
  • Vinyl
  • Routered
  • Box moulded
  • MDF VJ
  • Gyprock
  • White melamine
  • MDF

Innovative multi-panel designs are now available too. Mix and match solid colours and textures with mirrors to make new style statements.

The ideal sliding-door wardrobe design for you

Because all of our wardrobe designs are manufactured right here in Brisbane at our in-house production facility, we can custom-create the ideal solution for your exact specifications, style and budget.

Sliding-door wardrobes are always a good option for renovations in compact houses and cottages. As they do not intrude into the living space of a room, you don’t have to worry about clearance issues around beds and furniture.

Also, as we specifically design the internals of a wardrobe with its style of doors in mind, the days of losing convenience because the sliding doors are impeding access to the interior are over.

So, no matter how big or small your storage requirements are, we can come up with the perfect sliding-door wardrobe design.